Saturday 19th September - Bristol, The Croft - Part Chimp, Tractor, Hey Colossus
Friday 3rd July - Bristol, The Croft - Turbowolf, Hunting Lodge, Geisha, Tractor
Saturday 16th May - Bristol, The Croft - Taint, Alabaster Suns, Tractor
Sunday 15th March - Bristol, The Croft - Geisha, Apes Fight Back, Tractor
Monday February 23rd - Bristol, The Croft - Young Widows, Enzuiguri, Tractor
Thursday January 22nd - London, Bardens - Gum Takes Tooth, Gunbatte, Tractor, Dethscalator, Scul Hazzards
Sunday January 4th - Bristol, The Croft - Tractor, Dethscalator, Caricatures, Colossal Prick

Thursday December 18th - High Wycombe, The Roundabout - Shield Your Eyes, Tractor, Me And Goliath
Wednesday October 29th - Bristol, The Junction - Warboys, Tractor, Jesus Bruiser
Tuesday September 9th - Bristol, The Junction - Tombs, Planks, Tractor, Black Horse
Saturday September 6th - Bristol, The Junction - Tractor, The Jelas, Fringes, Shaggy Parasols, Dr. Spin
Sunday August 31st - Southampton, The Hobbit - Threat Manifesto, Beginning Of The End, Tractor, Whole In The Head, Screwed Up Flyer, Death At Sea, Gorse
Saturday August 2nd - Bristol, The Junction - Tractor, Zonderhoof, Some Pedestrians, Death Of A Modernist, Defibrillators
Saturday June 7th - Bristol, The Arnolfini - [Venn Festival]
Wednesday April 2nd - Bristol, The Junction - Jesus Bruiser, Spanner, Tractor
Monday March 24th - Bristol, The Junction - Tractor, P.V.H., End The Agony, Mongolia
Saturday February 23rd - Edinburgh, The Tron - Hey Colossus, Tractor, Lords Of Bastard, Mesa Verde, Naked Shit
Friday February 22nd - Dundee, The Balcony Bar - Hey Colossus, Tractor, The Wildhouse, Emmersion
Thursday February 21st - Leeds, The Fenton - Hey Colossus, Humanfly, Tractor, The Grand March

Friday October 26th - Brighton, The Freebutt - Tractor, Terminal Outputs, Jettatura
Thursday October 25th - Bristol, The Junction - Earth To Mars, Action And Action, Tractor
Sunday October 21st - Bristol, The Croft - Unsane, Tractor, Geisha
Thursday October 18th - Bristol, The Junction - Safetyword, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Tractor
Thursday August 9th - Bristol, The Junction - Veeedeee, Tim Holehouse, Tractor
Sunday July 15th - London, The Cross Kings - Monarch, Tractor, The Metal Chef, End The Agony
Monday July 9th - Cardiff, The Buffalo Bar - Monarch, The Death Of Her Money, Castor Troy, Tractor
Sunday May 27th - Bristol, The Junction - Mea Culpa, Souvaris, Samuel Sharp, Tractor
Thursday 3rd May - Bristol, The Junction - Ack Ack Ack, The Death Of Her Money, Tractor
Thursday 22nd March - Bristol, The Junction - Narwhal, Tractor
Thursday 1st March - Bristol, The Cooler - Trans Am, Vespertine, Tractor
Friday 26th January - London, The Grosvenor - Army Of Flying Robots, Hey Colossus, Tractor, Battle of Wolf 359

Monday 12th June - Bristol, The Junction - Soophie Nun Squad, The Mock Heroic, Tractor, Ratface
Friday 26th May - Bristol, The Junction - Spanner, Da Capo, Tractor, Gurkha
Monday 27th March - Bristol, The Junction - Bolz'n, The Keep, Tractor
Sunday 26th March - Leeds, The Cardigan Arms - Tractor, Ack Ack Ack, The Static Waves, Sailors
Saturday 25th March - Leicester, The Attik - Tractor, Ack Ack Ack + unknown bands
Friday 24th March - London, Tatty Bogle - Trencher, Art Of Burning Water, Tractor, The Midas Girls
Saturday 18th March - Newport, Le Pub - Broken Sleep, The Death Of Her Money, Flatlands, Tractor
Thursday 12th January - Midsomer Norton, Wunderbar - Tractor, Iron Hearse, F.U.D.

Saturday 8th October - Bristol, The Junction - Geisha, The Death Of Her Money, Team Brick, Mea Culpa, Enemy Line, Tractor
Tuesday 27th September - Bristol, The Croft - Tractor, Enemy Line, Morningside Speed
Sunday 11th September - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach - Snowblood, The Death Of Her Money, Tractor, Circle Of Stones

These are all since Kunal started drumming.